Technical features

  • High quality of products
  • Highly energy-saving
  • High precision and sensitivity of controls
  • Low noise levels
  • Save the cooling water
  • New master die structure
  • High level of process automation

Power-saving servo motor injection molding machine- GEKW/S

High energy saving.

These machines provide great energy saving, up to 80% as compared to conventional injection molding machines.

Better molding stability.

Due to the servo motor closed-loop control, the repeatability is greatly higher in the machines of GEKW/S series.

Quick response.

The servomotor is highly sensitive, so the response time is merely 0.05 second.

Silent operation.

These machines work with little noise and are incredibly quiet at low speeds.

Stable holding pressure.

Our equipment provides stable and reliable holding pressure, ensuring better product quality as compared to conventional electric injection molding machines.

Low working temperature.

Due to efficient servo motor construction, our equipment requires little or none oil for cooling and generates very little heat.